Cris Gontow and I created the Teaching Theater in 1991, inspired by the work of The English Teaching Theater. We had two objectives in mind - getting students to learn English while having fun and getting them more involved with the school.

We put on 30-minute plays, which were English classes in disguise. Each play had a theme (Going Shopping, Food, Health, etc), and usually three sketches related to the theme. Between the sketches, the actors - who were English teachers - interacted with the audience, asking questions, playing games, singing and pre-teaching the vocabulary necessary to understand the sketch.


The plays were presented at different days and times and at different branches of the same school, making it possible for students to watch it before of after their classes. The audience was mainly adult students.


I worked with different partners (Cris Gontow, Flávia Silvestre and Mila Rey).